Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Sorry for my slackish ways. I haven't really had much of anything to post about.
I went to Lagoon with Christy and Kaylee last week, on Tuesday but Christy left early. We still had fun though. Dad couldn't come because his leg was bothering him. I wish he could have been there since this is the first year i will be willing to go on Roller Coasters. It's okay, maybe for the Coke Lagoon day in September.
We went again on that Thursday with Roger, Mom, Em, and Jaxon. We all went our separate ways and Kaylee and i mostly swam that time. We got to go on a few rides though.
That is all the fun stuff that has been going on.
BESIDES Heather getting married, but y'all already know about that.
I will try to keep up on my Highs and Lows after today. :)

I just want to say happy father's day to Dad and Roger with a few loving words. :)

Oh goodness, this guy is just awesome. I am such a daddy's girl.
He is very good at giving advice and telling you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear, even if you don't like it at first and it makes you cry. He is always so sarcastic and has tons of fun teasing me, though, he is serious when he needs to be and VERY honest. Dad has been there for me and has understood me through the thick and thin. Just last week, we just started having a very casual conversation at the Coffee shop and he gave me tons of advice without even trying. He said something that i now repeat in my head day after day. Sometimes it really just shocks me how wise my dad is. The thing that i admire most about my dad is that he stays so positive and never lets anything get him down. When he hits a rough patch in life, he gets through it without falling down and knows that if he does fall, we are all here to help him up. I really look up to my dad in everything. I know he is on my side even when i am wrong. I love him for giving me his eyes! And standing back and watching me shine. :)
Now i will share some of my favorite memories of him with you:
  • When i was very little, we used to cook scrambled eggs and cheese together and eat off the same plate, i loved doing it.
  • We would go to nickle cade ALL the TIME.
  • When he would let me ride on his shoulders.
  • One time, not long ago, i asked what a trash compactor does and he said it goes through a bunch of tubes and falls into the big garbage can outside. I believed him. He was amused.
  • We were on our way to Wyoming and my friend and i were in the back seat. He poited out side and said "Look, there in the darkness" we looked and were very silent. Then, very loudly he YELLED. Classic dad. :P
I have tons more, those are just a few. :)

I don't have any pictures with him. What's up with that?
I am really glad i have a good sense of humor because all the men in my life REALLY enjoy teasing me.
Whenever i am with Rog, I am laughing, i swear. Even in a serious situation, he finds a way to make you laugh. Roger cheers me up all the time without even knowing i was upset in the first place. What i really admire about Roger is how protective he is. He is one of those "Cleanin' my gun" kind of dads. It is funny how worried he is about babies! You probably all know what i am talking about!
Roger isn't my "step dad" I think of him as just....ANOTHER DAD!
I loved him IMMEDIATELY. He was like my best friend and i loved playing with him!
Love ya ol' Rog!

I can't wait to make you both proud when i graduate, when BOTH of you walk me down the aisle and when i give you FIVE grandbabies (in twenty years, of course ;)!!!) and all the other stuff in between!


Amber said...

Thay was super sweet Kenz. :)

Christy said...

Good job, making those daddies happy. I love you Kenzie!