Saturday, May 30, 2009

"There goes your shoes!" -Dallas

As i mentioned before, yesterday Dallas and I went to Lagoon to celebrate one fantastic year! :P
We had a blast! He talked me into going on tons of rides that, before, i wouldn't even have thought about going on. I loved them all.
I do have one funny story.
When we went on the cliff hanger, i decided i should probably take my shoes off since they are loose. So, i put them on the floor right under my seat. Turns out, the flour is actually attached to the ride :P So as soon as we went upside down, my shoes fell down and landed in the area you can't go in.
The floor was soooo hot! We decided to ask the lady if i have any chance of getting them back and she called someone to get them. They are very ruined. They lived a pretty good life with lots of attention. I kept them pretty decent given that they are white and i am quite clumsy.

We were SOAKED after this picture. But, It was obviously worth it. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday was blog worthy :)

Though, today was not.

Dallas and I went on a big date.
First we ate at Johny Corino's, then we went to the movie Angels and Demon and then we got some ice cream.
Johny Corino's is yummmmy.
Angels and Demons was an amazing movie. It started out slow, turned very suspensful and ended with a crazy twist. HIGHLY recommend it.
Cold stone's Cheese Cake Fantasy is amazing as always.
We had a lot of fun, despite our allergies.
I got all cute and stuff, wore a new dress, it was special.
AND I paid for the whole night! :P
Part of the deal. He paid for Dane Cook. :)

My pictures......TURNED OUT AMAZING.
Real low isn't it? LOL
I took this picture of Jaxon and he is smelling a flower.
Absolutely ADORABLE.
I have had a pretty awesome week. Though i have been pretty sick with a nasty cough and stuffy nose. It is just BARELY going away. Good thing i have plenty to keep my mind off of it. ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

RIP Brianna Hughes

Last night, i went to Dane Cook with Dallas. He was so funny! I had a lot of fun.
The tickets were supposed to be a surprise gift for our One Year Anniversary, but over time we have been proved many times that "surprises" do not exist between us. :P
We are also going on a date that i will pay for during the week.
Then, on May 29, the ACTUAL day, we will go to lagoon.
I know, celebrating for a week is pretty hunky dory. But, i am way excited and the lagoon plan actually has MEANING. I will tell you more about that when it actually happens.

As you have heard in everyone elses blogs, Brianna Hughes passed away on Sunday. Even though i wasn't close to her, but more to her sister, my hearts still hurt for those who it affects greatly; Mom, Heather, Kayleigh and most of all her mother and sisters. When i put myself in any of these positions, i couldn't imagine how i would handle it. I hope i never have to go through anything like that, i wish no one did. But sadly, the world is how it is and we just have to deal with these hard times and help the ones we love get through them too.

The biggest thing that anyone should get about people dieing unexpectedly is make sure you tell the people you love, how much you love and care for them. It is so important. I haven't been through many deaths, but the few i have, after it happened, i have a lot of regret and worry that i didn't tell them i love them enough. After a short amount of time, i realize that i could never express how much i love them, even if i told them every day, it's simply impossible.

I Love You :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SECOND vice boss lady!!! :)

This morning the FCCLA officers were announced...
I was expecting maybe secretary or something. Yay! Haha
Also, the pres. and vice pres. are both really cool and seem like people i will definitely get along with.

We went to the dentist today. Nothing is really wrong. But, i hate the dentist. I hate being poked and squirted while sitting there with your mouth wide open and tools in your mouth. It's funny how they try to talk to you... :P
I DO, however, have to get my wisdom teeth out in about six months.
They looked at some old X-Rays and they were completely side ways, making it impossible to pull out without surgery.
But, they took some today and they magically straightened themselves out. So now i just have to get them pulled.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Even though i got very sun burned, I had tons of fun out on the boat with Dad.
We were planning on just going for a little cruise and ended up staying out there for three hours due to our lack of gas. :P
I had fun though! While we waited for Christy to come to our rescue, we learned a bit of history from the area at the Mini-Museum thingy. Well, more like a shop. The best part, i got to spend time with my daddy. I don't get much time with him.

I am starting to get sick :\
I'm really not surprised. I am actually surprised that it took so long for me to get sick being that Cami had Laryngitis, Sarah had Strep and Dallas had two or three different things.
I was starting to think i had some kick butt immune system or something. Guess i was wrong. Bumber!

I had my interview today for FCCLA. I feel so comfident! They asked me tons of questions and were asking me if i would be willing to take a step up and be involved with the state FCCLA. I am so excited i have finally found an organization that i will fit into and do well. Not to mention, the wonderful opertunities it will give me.
Now that i know a bit more about it, it stands for Family Career and Cominity Leaders of America. They do service work and other activities relating to family things.
It is kinda hard to explain...
Once, i join, it will be easier.

I am getting more sick.
I have a cough and i've been sneezing a lot.
That's all. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, for a very long time now i have been craving my favorite ice cream, Cheese Cake Fantasy, from Cold Stone. It is amazing. And Christy and my dad drove there and let me get some!
I was very happy. :)

I was really looking forward to getting to spend time with Lily because i was suposed to babysit her while Amber and Joey went to Dave Ramsey, but she ended up getting sick :\
Oh well, maybe another time!

Check back later for today's! after i have actually had a day to blog about. :P

Friday, May 15, 2009

I love fridays!

Yesterday was really uneventful, so i skipped yesterday.
But, today was quite a bit more exciting.
I went to a movie with a good friend of mine, Cami.
"Ghost of girlfriends past"
We pretty recently became friends and before we were friends we did not like each other.
We finally decided to take a step back and we realized that would should have done that a long time ago. We are so fun and crazy together! We have the best sleepovers and we just hit it off as soon as we got on good terms. :) I am really happy to have another great friend!

These pictures are from one of our crazy times

I...went to school!
That's about as low as the day got.
And i LIKE school :P

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deep Frustration...

My body hurts! :P
These work-outs are making my body ache all over but it makes me happy. It makes me feel like i am really working the muscles!

I didn't get a very good grade on my photography assignment. It ends up that i did it all wrong!
It frustrates me deeply when i work really hard on something, only to find out that i did it wrong.
Erg. But, she did give me points. Just, not a lot. :/

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Healthy Habits and Great Goals

I just got back from jogging two miles!!! Go me!!
I really truly love to exercise. I love the air in my face. I love the feeling after.
I love feeling healthy and most of all, i sleep GREAT after i exercised that day.
For some reason, i forget all that and i dread it the next day. I really wish
that i could get into a good habit of it. I am doing great at eating healthy, even
at lunch. Last week i did have a pretty bad week. Everyday i got these cookies
that were literally, as big as my head. No joke.
Not healthy. No more of those. And, occasionally, i have soda.
So, two goals: Exercise and No soda! :)

I really admire the healthy habits mom is influencing.
Lately, i am all about learning things that i can really actually use in my life
as an independent adult. :)

I didn't finish my photography assignment because when i got in there, she
didn't have the chemicals mixed. So i had to wait, and i only had like, twenty
minutes. I will for sure finish it tomorrow!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Testing Overload!

We have a new assignment, already, in photography.
I haven't even finished my other one, i will get it finished tomorrow though.
Anyways, the new assignment is either "a picture that tells a story" OR "a picture series".
In the past, my older sisters have dressed Emily up to look abandoned or sad...something like that.
Mom said "Maybe you should do a happier story".
I'm sure the pictures were great! But, i am going to brain storm for a happy story to make up in my pictures.... Thanks for the inspiration mom!
I am pretty excited :)

We had to do CRT testing in Chemistry today. If you went to School in Utah, you know what i am talking about.
It is those tests to see how well the teacher teaches. An evaluation for the TEACHER. Yet, some teachers count it against your grade. Actually, one of my teachers is going to BASE our fourth term grade on those tests.
I am terrible at tests. I get incredibly nervous.
I have already taken the English one and it was really quite easy.
Today, I can tell i did...horrible.
The math one is coming up soon. I really am not excited about it....
(the word "teacher" now sounds weird because i have said it so much)

It's a good thing i have a lot of other things to look forward to this month :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommies Day!!!! :)

Saturday: I spent a lot of time with the boyfriend :P
We just hung out. That was my high! Well, we watched a movie, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and it's one of those movies where you HAVE to talk about it. It was good. It brought a lot of good conversation topics up :)

Today: Nothing exciting has really happened, but nothing bad either. I went to church, listened to Dallas give a great talk, went to his house and took a nap, then came home. I'm sure the family will do something good for mother's day.

This was a very good weekend. There was nothing "Low" and i am not going to try to think of one. That isn't like me. I always pick the positive things and avoid the negative!

Mother's Day

You have been such a good example, a good listener and care giver, a great teacher and supporter, the best guider, and even friend that i could ever ask for. I love you so much. I couldn't put in word how grateful i am to have such a wonderful mother. You set the good example everyday with your brilliant ways of being a mom. You don't only listen but you show you care, even if i get the wrong message at first, in the end you always make me feel better. I have noticed over the past while that you can read me like no one else, you KNOW when something is bothering me. Even when i told you i didn't need you to stay the night at the hospital, you still did. I am so very glad you do! I was scared and having my mom is what i needed. Everything that i will actually use in my future, i have learned from you. Weather it is my grades, my friends, my clothes or my boyfriend, you support me in everything. You are so good at motivating and encouraging. You are truly my best friend and you always will be.

You are also fantastic at listening, leading examples, guiding, teaching and supporting. I love coming up and visiting with you guys. Spa nights are the best! :P
I remember at first i didn't like you JUST because you were dating my dad. That was only the first day. As soon as i got to know you, i loved you and knew you would become my second mommy. I love driving in the car and just talking nonstop to you. You usually can't ever get more than a couple words in but i love that i can talk to you like that. Most of all, i love how caring you are. When i am sick you really take care of me. Like when you brought me candles in the bath! :) I love you tons Christy!
I have no pictures of both of us. But, you are beautiful!!! :)

All my sister mommies and friend mommies are amazing too!
I hope you all have a great Mother's day, you deserve it!

Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF!!! :)

Well, I have two. I can't just choose one.
1. This morning, in child development, my teacher said that i seem like a person with a very bright future. She also said that i show a lot of potential and i should not ONLY join FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) next year, but run for a Office. It's this group where they talk about family and life and promote healthy families! haha. She said I would be really good at it. I felt so good about my self. This is fantastic for many reasons. I am interested in the stuff they do. AND it lines me up for a bunch of different possibilities for a schoolarship. Anything that does that i am down for! Lol

2. Dallas has been sick and i have missed him at school for a while. But, he went to school today. :) He makes me happy very easily, just by being there! :P
Hehe. I know, im silly...

ugh. I have to read a book for Science and do a report on it. I checked one out that is off of the list that we have to choose one from. It's called Hoot. It is so lame. I can not get into it. It is drving be crazy. Dallas has the same assignment and he has a book that he said is really good so im gonna go get it probably.

Generally, my day was pretty good.
And Thank Goodness It's Friday. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Picture Passion

My pictures for photography are turning out pretty cool.
I waited till the last minute to do them and then i tried to FINALLY do it and the batteries in the camera were dead :\
Dad warned me that this would happen. The On switch gets switched on way too easily!
So, we had to buy new batteries. I will now take them OUT after i am done using the camera.
I made this sound like a bad thing :P
I had to explain that though with the point that i had to HURRY really fast at doing it, while getting them as focused and fully developed as possible.
Over time, i have realized that i work better under pressure.
That's not an EXCUSE for procrastination. Just a reason.... :P

I have a new passion for black and white, dark room, Photography. I guess the art of taking pictures is in my blood. :)

Also in photography, my paper got stolen!!!
Erg. You have to have this special kind of paper and we get two packages for free and after that you have to pay for it.
I have no money.
So, i asked a friend of mine that was done and he let me use his :)
But, i have to use it sparingly because i only have a few pieces. I have to get it perfect the first or second time at the most.
When usually it takes three or four times to get it perfect.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One more step towards graduation. Many many more to go...

Well, today was one of those "Plenty of lows to pick out of, but no highs" days. I'll do my best.

Ummm.........this will take some thought.
Awhile ago i took those UBSCT tests, the ones you have to pass to graduate, and i was so nervous that i wouldn't pass them!
But i actually got the HIGHEST score on two and the second highest on one!
Next year i wont have to endure the agony of those horribly boring tests. LOL
I'll get to sleep in while the Sophomores suffer!
Nah, it's not THAT bad.
This happened after my low, so it cheered me up :)

In the fall, my English class did an essay on Traditional Classrooms Vs. Online Classes. We got a score than we planned to do it again this month to see how much we have improved on our writing skills. My first score, in the fall, was a 6 out of 6. That is amazing! I am NORMALLY really good at persuasive essays, in fact, i enjoy them, i love having an excuse to get my opinion out. Today, we did the revision and i did not do nearly as good. I got a 4.7 out of six. Even though that is better than a lot of people's, it still is only "Average". My essays (with the exception of today) are always read out loud because she reads the highest score of the class. English is my favorite class because i am good at it. It always leaves me feeling really good about myself. Today was the first day i walked out of there disappointed.