Friday, February 26, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Prom is coming up and i am SOOOOO excite. Mom and i went shopping for my dress and after a long fun night, we found it. It is stunning. I can't wait for everyone to see it. I don't actually have it right now because i am waiting on the alterations. But, i will post pictures from prom.

Dallas is such a good guy. I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday after noon, i have a cold and didn't bother with make-up and hair or getting dressed. Dallas came over last night and gave me some ice cream then told me i looked beautiful. He always says that at the weirdest times. When i need to hear it, but i can see and hear in his voice that he really thinks i look my best in that state :P
Sill boy x)

Like i said before, i got my wisdom teeth out. It really isn't bad, i just have a cold at the same time and narcotics make me sick. Oh well. What can you do? Life goes on. :P

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Kung Poo Nana"

That's how Jaxon says Kung Fu Panda. :P
This has been a really good weekend :)
Last night Dad, Christy, Kaylee, and I all went bowling and I WON! It was quite exciting.
Today was Caydance's birthday party and that was fun, even though most of the babies had a cold. Caydance was pretty miserable. :/

Valentine's Day was Dallas's little sister, Hannah's, birthday so I got Misty Rowan to make her a cake for her as a late present from me. She LOVED it.

Hmm...the lowest point was having to wait outside in the cold for Dallas's little sister to answer the door. She was home alone and was not supposed to answer the door. I finally got a hold of her on the phone though. :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Odd to think about.

Today, I was just surfing around Facebook and I found an old friend from elementary school. She was the heart throb with the boys; tall, skinny, unusually "developed" body for an eleven year old and she danced like a stripper at recess. That is really the only memory I have of her. We weren't very close... Anyhow, I decided to invite her as a friend. Turns out, she's a mommy! She has a very beautiful baby named Kaydance. That is just so weird to me. I feel so young and no where NEAR ready to have a baby. It will probably be a good seven years, at least, before I make any mini me's!
Just something I thought about a lot today, thought I would share. When really, I should get used to my friends getting married and having babies. It's happening. No, that is just too weird for me.

I really just LOVE my aerobics class. I like that I can come home every other day and not have to work out because I already did, at school! I also just like the class in general. It is so fun and we do something different everyday, but always do muscle toning stuff at the end. Today, she just led us in a bunch of dancy stuff. The kind of stuff you see in work out videos. She is a really fun teacher. This is the first Gym teacher that I have had that didn't just sit on their butt and mark if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. She actually works out with us, it's cool.

I forgot my gym clothes and I had to call mom to bring them to me. I had to wear different sweat pants that are approximately...ten sizes too big so you can imagine how that went with all the jumping around. I went to aerobics late and didn't get to stretch so no I am SORE.

Now I am going to watch LOST.
Don't ever watch that show unless you have A LOT of time on your hands. If you do, than go watch it! You WILL get hooked.

Tata for now :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shocking, I know.

I am such a hypocrite.
I get on Facebook and am deeply angered by the amount of stupid, meaningless notifications about someones Barn or someone challenging me to a game of Mob Wars. Why can't someone comment on my picture? or Message me an update on life?
Then, I leave without my fix of connection to the world and go to Myspace. Again, there are no messages about someones exciting life or... what may be.
Lastly, I leave there and go to my eMail and all that is waiting is those meaningless notifications, as mentioned before, from myspace and facebook.
I am realizing something. I am totally being selfish. I never commented or messaged anyone. I just left with frustration that no one left me something exciting.
I even go and check to see if my sisters are posting blogs and when they don't i think to my self, "Jeez! I wanna hear about those babies! POST MORE!"
Sounds a bit dramatic, I know. All that rambling is just to make a point that I need to start blogging again. :P

This time I want to make it more interesting than just the day to day life of an almost typical teenage girl and I will write about my wondering thoughts. I will at LEAST write a sentence on my high and low.

So, here we go, attempt to start blogging again number....hmm...I lost count.

I got to catch up with Sierra again. We are trying to do that more. I am pretty sure before the last time we hung out, it was the first time in four months. That makes me very sad. I used to ride to school with her in the morning. I would play with her every recess. We would walk home together and go our separate ways. I would then try to get out of my chores and run over to her house, so eager, that I got used to always being bare foot because putting on shoes took up a minute of precious time that I could be with my best friend.
Sierra Michelle Rowan is my very best friend. I have known her for longer than my memories go back. Boy oh boy, the memories. Playing poor people and mixing leaves and mud as food (don't worry, we didn't really eat it), making up sports that were very similar to real sports like "ZwifferHoofer Ball" (Volley ball and Kick ball combined), tickle fights, getting baptized together, and endless sleepovers. Sierra has known me longer and knows me better than anyone ever will.
I love that girl with all my heart.

I don't mind book reports generally. The only time they really drive me crazy is when it has to be on a specific book or even if you have a limited choice. I will not do well and I will have a very bad attitude if you assign a book report and give me a "reading list". Ugh. That is what happened in English today. That teacher is so incredibly laid back and spasticly goofy. Until it comes to a writing assignment. He is so strict and picky.
So, I wandered into the library today with a semi-positive act after seeing that the list had a few interesting sounding books. I searched for my first choice, it wasn't there. The second one wasn't either. The third wasn't even in the system. So now I HAVE to read one of the Stephen King books on the list because my mother has them all. Even though I have heard they are really good, I just hate not having a choice. That is the way I am with everything. Silly being that I am very indecisive.

Off to bed now.