Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Kung Poo Nana"

That's how Jaxon says Kung Fu Panda. :P
This has been a really good weekend :)
Last night Dad, Christy, Kaylee, and I all went bowling and I WON! It was quite exciting.
Today was Caydance's birthday party and that was fun, even though most of the babies had a cold. Caydance was pretty miserable. :/

Valentine's Day was Dallas's little sister, Hannah's, birthday so I got Misty Rowan to make her a cake for her as a late present from me. She LOVED it.

Hmm...the lowest point was having to wait outside in the cold for Dallas's little sister to answer the door. She was home alone and was not supposed to answer the door. I finally got a hold of her on the phone though. :P

1 comment:

Me, Christy said...

Cute cake! What a sweet friend you are!
Next time we bowl, I'm taking you DOWN!!! ;)