Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long time no BLOG!

I know, i am being a slacker, STILL, after i said i would pick up on it again.
Oops. Well, this time, i wont make any promises. :P
Want to know what i have been up to this summer?
Here ya go:

A little bit of partying...

Lots of Lagoon!

Dates and hangouts with that one cute boy ;)

Fun time with my best girl friends...


Lots and lots and lots of time with my best friend sister.

Being my crazy self!

and enjoying the very beautiful, though very hot, out side world!

I hope that is enough to let you know the things I have been up to!
I ALSO have be doing A LOT of babysitting. I actually love it! :)
I get to spent tons of time with my nieces and nephew, mostly
Maveryk and Tukker.
If i can start getting in the blogging habit again, i will be posting
a lot about that.

Hope every one else is enjoying their summer as much as i am!

1 comment:

Me, Christy said...

It was really nice having you here so much! I love summer if only for that reason. Now the cooler weather is here and we don't get as much time together... :(
We need to get a bunch of driving time in so bring your permit next time you come.