Thursday, March 11, 2010

My carriage didn't turn into a pumpkin! But, I felt like a princess :)

You know that night you talk about when you are a little girl, where you get to feel like a princess and dance the night away with your prince charming? Commonly known as prom? Well, Friday, March 5th was that day. I got all dressed up, Kayleigh helped me do my hair, my parent's did the whole gaga picture snap thing, his parents did the whole gaga picture snap thing and then we went to the dance. It took place at the Hilton. The place was rather small and not anything flashy and the music sucks, however, I had a blast because it was with Dallas. Lot's of kissy kissy mushy gooshy stuff! :)
After the dance, we went to dinner at the Mandarin (originally, we planned to go to Red Robbin, but our budget quickly grew when his parents and grandma kept forking out cash to us!). See, technically we went in a "group" with Wesley and Lara, but, me being selfish and wanting Dallas's full attention on Prom night, demanded that we spend very little time with them. He was rather understanding. Therefore, we were only with them during dinner and desert. After dinner we went to Leatherby's. Yum! It was a very good night and I cannot wait for the pictures to come! Here is one of the the pictures the parents got. Don't we look stunning? ;)

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Me, Christy said...

Beautiful! You look very happy next to your Prince! I'm glad the night was fabulous and fun and romantic! ... A happily ever after night for sure!